Improve data quality and the effective use of valuable resources

The quality of the data you collect about patient care episodes is crucially important, whether it’s for measuring your performance and the level of healthcare you provide, or for statutory returns such as the NHS Digital UK secondary care reporting of hospital activity.

But if you’re experiencing a lack of skilled coders, or your team has limited time and capacity to engage with clinical teams directly, then you’ll know how much this affects your ability to provide accurate data. That’s why we’ve applied our innovation and expertise to helping you to respond to these challenges.

We specialise in delivering clinical coding services including remote coding, training, audits, supporting coding departments, transforming how the NHS delivers its services and creating better outcomes for you and your patients.

Our artificial intelligence-powered (AI) solution enables you to remove the burden of coding high-volume, low-complexity activity from your expert coders, clearing backlogs quickly and freeing them to focus on delivering complex, high-quality data. We work with you to understand your exact requirements and ensure we get it right the first time, every time, with our remote team on hand to support you with manual checks and any other assistance.

Ultimately you’ll be less reliant on contractors – the cost of which can mount up - and will be able to achieve high quality outputs efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively.


patient episodes coded each year


independent supplier of clinical coding services to the private healthcare and NHS sectors

How it works

The benefits


A more effective team

Allows your skilled clinical coding team to focus on more complex activities, clinical engagement and data quality.


Higher quality data

Produces consistent and accurate data to local and national standards.


Improves credibility

Improves your clinical coding accuracy, contributing to overall trust performance and reputation.


Reduce costs

Reduces administrative costs and helps you to use your resources more efficiently.


Connects key information

Creates a tangible link between good quality source documentation and accurate clinical coding.


Reliability at disrupted times

Ensures consistency and continuation of data during challenging times.

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