Delivering better health outcomes

Being able to do more with less is the aim of every healthcare provider - to be able to achieve consistently better health outcomes throughout your communities without increasing the burden on staff.

We use the best technologies to make it easier for you to do exactly that – to protect your staff and make the most of your resources whilst providing the highest quality healthcare.

From enabling telehealth assessments and virtual video consultations, to intuitive online self-service and integrated, connected data management, we apply over 20 years of health sector expertise to our solutions helping you to transform connections with patients.

Our customisable and clinically governed content and decision support solutions streamline assessments by guiding the user – whether a trained operator, patient or a clinician - through questions powered by symptom-based algorithms, helping to free up resources whilst maintaining consistent and safe healthcare delivery. The agility of our clinical content and the expertise of our in-house clinical editorial team ensure you can respond quickly to emerging clinical scenarios, such as Zika or Covid-19, to provide the most up to date information and advice to clinicians, call handlers and patients.

Using the proven video-streaming technology we pioneered with the emergency services, we make it possible for clinicians to assess patients remotely by sending a simple link which enables the patient to instantly live-stream video from their device for the clinician to make a visual assessment and securely store it to the patient record.

We support full collaboration between healthcare providers with our powerful patient relationship management tools which seamlessly integrate with third party applications for informed, connected wellness pathways.

Discover how you can deliver better patient outcomes, streamline business operations, save money and reassure your patients and service users.

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Virtual consultations

Enabling live video-streaming from patient to clinician, our virtual consultations technology makes it easy to enhance telephone consultations with a visual assessment and secure footage to the patient record.

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Multi-channel patient care platform

Our flexible, connected patient care management platform uses clinical content, patient pathways and multi-channel education information to guide informed clinical decisions and patient self-assessment.

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Clinical content

Whether for telephone triage or patient self-assessment, our clinically-led content supports safe, consistent healthcare advice by guiding the user through questions to recommend next steps.

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Patient relationship management

Support informed patient interactions and improved wellness pathways with our powerful patient relationship management tools which automatically store assessment data to the electronic record.

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Healthcare business operations

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