Relieving the administrative burden with remote coding expertise

Providing data about patient care is mandatory, but it has become a challenge with the current health crisis when there are more people needing treatment but fewer staff available to treat them.

High quality clinically coded data about the acute health care that people receive is vital for understanding service quality and where health providers need to improve their performance. It is even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic for providing insight into the condition of discharged patients and the cause of deaths.

But the pandemic is putting pressure on healthcare providers’ ability to keep high quality data flowing from their hospital systems into the NHS’s secondary care reporting (SUS) system, because fewer staff are available to code.

Capita is uniquely placed to help with our remote clinical coding service, which enables healthcare professionals to spend less time on administration and more time on delivering vital clinical services.

Our remote clinical coding service is helping hospitals and clinics across the UK to continue providing vital data about patient care when they’re under increasing pressure from the Covid-19 pandemic.

How it works

Our fully digital, flexible service is easy and quick to deploy. It gives health providers peace of mind that data is being produced consistently and continuously during difficult times while, at the same time, reducing their administrative costs and improving the accuracy of their data.

Our team of ACC clinical coders access clinical records remotely and securely, following pre-defined remote access processes, to deliver high quality clinically coded data to NHS Digital’s secondary care reporting system, which is vital for tracking the nationwide spread and treatment of Covid-19. They strengthen existing coding teams to enable acute healthcare providers to meet the requirement to supply data even when the pandemic means they have more patients and fewer staff available to care for them.

Our digital remote coding service is:

  • compatible with all systems
  • based on healthcare providers’ requirements
  • suitable for any organisation with an EPR or scanned patient records
  • can be deployed as a short- or long-term solution.
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Boosting organisational resilience through remote clinical coding

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