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ControlWorks is allowing emergency services and critical response agencies to manage all aspects of public safety contact management and incident response, for faster and better-informed decision-making and resource deployment.
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Innovative, integrated technology that's transforming control room operations

ControlWorks is a next-generation control room and contact centre solution which is transforming operations. It delivers improvements in control room efficiency through integration of multiple communication channels and supporting data sources.

This means that operators are now freed from desk-bound, fixed locations – any connected device that has access to the agency’s network can perform any ControlWorks role including call taking and incident management.

Our solution features a variety of communication channels, both on and offline, incident management, data management and storage, and resource management capability, providing:

  • better outcomes for the public through detailed caller understanding and history
  • better understanding of resource requirements, risk and customer needs
  • improved resolution as the most appropriate resource can be identified and dispatched as quickly as possible
  • improved operational efficiency through rich integration and system collaboration
  • flexibility and improved activity as operators are freed from desk-bound, fixed locations.


incidents managed each month in the UK through ControlWorks.


improvement in resolution at first point of contact for one police client.


by UK forces including: Greater Manchester Police, South Wales Police, Highways England, British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence Police and many more clients.

“ControlWorks is a major step forward for the force, which will undoubtedly bring significant benefits for the force, but more importantly for the communities we serve.”

Richard Lewis, Assistant Chief Constable at South Wales Police

How it works

ControlWorks manages all contact – voice, non-voice, emergency, non-emergency, public and officer – that an agency undertakes. ControlWorks maintains a single history of all contact made with an individual, through whatever channel, to help identity vulnerable and repeat callers and support the assessment of threat, harm and risk when responding to an incident.

The integration of multiple data sources, both within an agency and from external partners, provides the best available data to aid decision making in the contact centre and by officers on the ground. Omni-channel communications help shift non-emergency requirements away from the normal voice channels, by offering self-service public portals and integration, with social media to help effectively manage demand.

ControlWorks features include:

  • a clear and intuitive user interface
  • uses familiar Microsoft technology for ease of adoption
  • maximises collaboration between other emergency responders and partner agencies
  • is flexible – any ControlWorks client can perform any role thanks to the breadth of capability and deployment across multiple business areas
  • modular and scalable – designed to meet Public Safety agencies’ evolving needs
  • device independent.
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Access the newest technology with a next-generation platform

From smart sensors to video analytics, the latest technology provides rich intelligence. Our contact management and control room solution makes it possible to integrate those external sources into operational hubs for rapid response.

When you’re running complex operations, you need a hub which provides all the intelligence available, from all contact types, to respond quickly and effectively.

ControlWorks® is the intuitive, flexible platform for contact management and control rooms which integrates external sensors and data sources with the existing internal systems of emergency services, transport and utilities organisations.

Choose from automation or manual control to enable external contact sources of any type to trigger a new incident. This takes account of local workflow settings, pushing key intelligence and operational information to supervisors and managing officers for informed decisions.

And it’s accessible on the move - any connected device on your network can access all of ControlWorks®, from call taking to incident management.

With ControlWorks® you have the converged processing and workflow solution you need for collaborating, communicating and co-ordinating so you can prioritise and deploy resources in the most efficient, effective way.

Key features


A modular, scalable solution

ControlWorks® offers the latest Microsoft® technology to meet the evolving operational needs of public safety agencies, integrating flexible modules with existing back office systems. Combining the functionality of ICCS, CAD, Mapping and Contact Management it can perform any role in contact centres, control rooms, front desks or mobile operations.


Prioritise demand with dynamic updates

Demand can be segregated and prioritised based on the progress and status of events supporting multiple contact types. Workflows can be readily modified to meet operational requirements, producing much faster resolution of critical and non-critical events received from external systems.


Respond appropriately to home automation triggers

Whether you need to collaborate with partner agencies or other emergency responders, ControlWorks® offers seamless interoperability. Regardless of which database or knowledge repository holds the information, you’ll have a clear, intuitive user interface for instant visibility of resources and their location, with one view of truth.


Video analytics for extra intelligence

Video analytics using facial recognition can trigger an event in ControlWorks®, populating initial person data. Automated searches in connected back-end systems then provide warning markers, flags, nearby operational information and further context, presenting this enhanced data to operators to allocate resources accordingly.


Reduce false alarms whilst being aware of connected events

Proximity/vibration sensors within a security system can be triggered at a low level, prompting an automated non-trigger event which records basic details. If a nearby sensor is also triggered within a specified time frame (perhaps a door sensor), the event is raised for attention, displaying any low-level triggers which normally would not have been cause for concern.


Collaborate effectively for the whole picture

Whether you need to collaborate with partner agencies or other emergency responders, ControlWorks® offers seamless interoperability. Regardless of which database or knowledge repository holds the information, you’ll have a clear, intuitive user interface for instant visibility of resources and their location, with one view of the truth.

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