Delivering digital connectivity that’s right for your business today and tomorrow

Our digital connectivity solutions create the backbone of your future-ready organisation. From design to deployment, we work with you to build the connectivity now essential for a digitally connected organisation.

Our SD-WAN, LAN and wi-fi infrastructure services enable rapid cloud adoption, accelerate your digital transformation, simplify network management and allow you to respond quickly and seamlessly to changing business needs.

Capita’s Electranet provides turnkey intelligent connectivity across the UK’s top corporate, government and high security environments, whilst our smart building technology gives you control over every element of your building, lowering energy costs and organisational carbon footprint while improving building security.

We’ll also help you uncover new insights using Internet-of-Things (IoT)-driven data analytics and AI to improve citizen and customer experience, access new markets and enable better workstyles, while reducing human intervention for faster, more accurate processes.

Our collaboration solutions transform workforces into secure, flexible, virtual teams with improved productivity and reduced costs. Whatever the location, whatever the device, you’ll make smarter, faster decisions. We work with world-leading partners such as Cisco - with over twenty years collaboration delivering thousands of customer solutions, we’re one of their leading Gold Partners.


years’ experience providing secure networking solutions for some of the UK’s largest and most security sensitive clients


number of IoT devices estimated to be connected every minute by 2025 (source: IDC)

80 billion

(79,996,320,000) estimated number of connected devices by 2025

Our digital connectivity solutions


Software-defined networking

Whether your goal is cloud adoption, reduced connectivity costs, location- or data agility, our software-defined networking solutions deliver against your current and future connectivity strategy.

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Cisco by Capita

For over 20 years we’ve been delivering complex customer solutions with Cisco, helping organisations lay the right digital foundations with local and wide area networking for their workplace, datacentre and the cloud.

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Smart buildings and secure infrastructure

Our smart building technology transforms offices from places of work into environments which fuel organisational growth – cutting costs, minimising your impact on the environment and enabling smarter working.

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Collaboration solutions

Our collaboration tools help you improve productivity and customer experience, whilst reducing costs. Move conversations seamlessly between desktops and mobile devices, and convene virtual meetings for instant decisions and a ‘work anywhere’ culture.

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Internet of Things

Our market-leading Internet of Things (IoT) implementations help organisations supercharge their digital transformations to become agile, resilient and responsive to changing market conditions based on IoT-driven management information facilitated by data analytics and AI.

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Accelerating Scotland’s digital potential

The technology for a connected country is here and we’re already putting it to work across Scotland – in healthcare, education, local authorities and beyond. See how Capita is accelerating Scotland’s digital and climate ambitions to make a real difference to people’s lives.

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