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Capita is providing solutions that improve public services and keep essential operations running, at a time when government is under huge pressure.

Government is facing an unparalleled set of challenges, uncertainties and opportunities. All of which are requiring a fundamental rethink of what the state is for, how it operates, citizens' expectations and the way services are delivered.

We believe that quality public services, innovatively designed and powered by technology, are critical to delivering safer, greener and healthier communities. We have a long history as a government partner, designing and operating large, complex contracts, transforming services and delivering core support across central government and in defence, justice, transport, health and education.

Our teams use technology, innovation and intimate domain knowledge to improve services and deliver savings. From the national telecommunications network for smart meters and the UK’s automatic enrolment scheme for The Pensions Regulator, to the gas certification scheme and London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone, we’re improving outcomes for the UK.



smart meters for homes and small businesses connected to the DCC network so far


10,000,000 people

auto-enrolled into a pensions scheme through The Pensions Regulator


10 years

managing the congestion charge and low emission zone with Transport for London

Case studies

Reducing congestion with Transport for London

Supporting better outcomes for citizens who visit, work and live in the capital.

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Helping SMEs reach global markets

Our digital grant disbursement is helping smaller businesses to internationalise.

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Central government specialist areas


Capita has partnered with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to deliver critical services of national importance since 2012. We continue to work with the MOD as it moves to the Whole Force Approach, blending military, civil service, regular reserves, sponsored reserves and contractors into the most effective force possible for the entire United Kingdom.

We’re delivering recruitment to the British Army, mobilising operations to deliver a fire and rescue capability for the MOD, providing e-learning and support services to the UK Defence Centre for Languages & Culture, and technical support to the Astute-class submarine build programme.

Capita’s team of carefully selected and approved former senior officers and other ex-service personnel ensures that the appropriate blend of ethos, military knowledge and innovation is engrained into the work we do on behalf of the MOD – all centred around enabling the forces to concentrate on the main effort.

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Justice and policing

Delivering mission-critical solutions to law enforcement agencies, our software and services support operational requirements to keep the peace and see justice done, directly improving outcomes for the force, the judiciary and the wider public.

Our services for police help deliver a public-facing, locally-based, modern and intelligence-driven policing service, helping reduce operational risk through smart data and joined up workflows, to increase the effectiveness of investigations.

Our electronic monitoring service helps the justice system reduce congestion in prisons and promote rehabilitation for offenders, while keeping the community safe.

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Partnering with national and local government and their agencies to manage the pressures of increasing congestion, environmental requirements and reduced public resources we help deliver greater connectivity and accessibility for the people of the UK.

We partner government agencies and organisations such as airports, highways and railways to deploy the very best in modern civil engineering technology and help deliver major infrastructure projects to power the UK economy.

Our technology-enabled services support local government agencies to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in city centres, improving the sustainability of metropolitan transport services and the health and wellbeing of local people.

Our mobile solutions support the rail network to deliver accurate and timely maintenance, inspections and asset-based work to support the transition to a digital railway, delivering efficiency, sustainable growth and improved customer journeys.

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We're helping schools, colleges and universities to deliver better outcomes and raise standards. Our software solutions and specialist support services are freeing up the time of teachers and lecturers, allowing them to focus their efforts on their students. And we’re helping learning establishments of all sizes to run more efficiently, from the way they use pupil data to how they manage their finances.

Our specialist expertise and thirty years experience means we are now the leading education support provider, helping to ensure every student has the best opportunity to succeed

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We’re delivering specialist technology and administrative systems to support under-pressure professionals to improve patient outcomes.

We support the care of more than 320 million people worldwide, every day, with everything from healthcare software that boosts efficiency across the NHS and assists HR departments, to wireless infrastructure for the Scottish emergency services, and clinical algorithms for a telephone triage system in Australia.

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Welfare & employability

Each year, our programmes positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by enabling access to vital Government support.

Since 2012, Capita has partnered with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), in addition to the Department for Communities (DfC) in Northern Ireland.

Our 1,000-strong team of qualified health professionals supports those with long-term health conditions and disabilities to deliver better outcomes for those who need them most. 

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Expert spotlight

Al Murray

Al Murray

CEO, Capita Public Service

Al is a transformation leader with 30+ years’ experience in a range of strategic leadership roles. He leads the division which is a strategic partner to government in the application of digital transformation to improve the productivity of operations and to help deliver essential services to millions of customers.

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