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During these unprecedented times we need to ensure we keep the lights on and disruption in day-to-day life is kept to a minimum.

As a result, organisations will need to rapidly adapt to the new norm.

Whilst we continue to stay at home, working remotely, some experience the feeling of social isolation. A company’s reputation and the way they behave and support their customers will be remembered, especially when customers are considering switching to a competitor.

This is particularly challenging for energy companies who normally employ a large field force. For the last few weeks only emergency work has been completed, but how can organisations return to delivering more services in a world where consumers are demanding organisations to dramatically reassess how services are offered?

Capita has a game-changing solution to support the inevitable changes energy companies are experiencing, both with employee working patterns as well as the pressing needs of customers.


ResponsEye – Supporting field engineers

Field engineers play a key role in smart meter and boiler installations and repairs. In response to government guidelines, energy companies are restricting customer interactions unless necessary.

ResponsEye can support energy companies’ field force to offer customer support with minimal interaction. With no app required, this secure service enables an individual with a smartphone to stream live footage direct from their phone’s camera function, into a desktop application. A one-time only link is sent to a customer’s smartphone via SMS or email and this allows direct access for the operator see what the end user is seeing themselves. This tool also promotes collaboration by allowing the operator to share the stream instantly with a third party, such as colleague or supervisor, if additional assistance is required.

For more information on how this tool works, watch our video, showing how 911eye, an instance of ResponseEye used in US law enforcement, works in practice.

Here’s how ResponsEye can help the energy industry

  • Real time footage: by sharing a live update of the problem, the first line call centre agents can quickly understand the issue and identify a resolution immediately.
  • Remote incident triaging service: technicians and resolver groups can be based remotely yet are able to support with fixing issues such as power cut problems, energy meter and boiler issues using live video streaming. They will have instant sight of the problem at hand and are able to find an immediate resolution or advise on the most effective resolution path.
  • Exceptional customer experience: this cutting edge offers a unique way for the customer to easily interact with their energy provider. They can see how problems are resolved, thus having increased confidence in their supplier.
  • Remote resolution to non-emergency site visits: meter readings, troubleshooting and support with pre-payment meters can now be resolved remotely.
  • Increased efficiency: the solution allows your field force to be far more effective and efficient in their work going forward. Doing an initial assessment of the issue using ResponsEye would allow you to send the right field engineer to each visit, carrying out pre assessments before meter installations could save you valuable time and money by avoid unnecessary travel or sending the incorrect equipment

As the way we interact drastically evolves, one thing that is certain is that energy organisations are expected to embrace such innovative and simple tools.

Capita is ready to help energy suppliers respond to the huge pressures being faced today and ensure their operations are future ready.

Solutions such as ‘ResponsEye’ can be implemented in a matter of days, not months.

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