The number of customers traditionally classed as ‘vulnerable’ – those in financial debt, with disabilities or with poor mental health - increased in size and definition during the pandemic. With the rise in the cost of living, even more people are struggling.

These greater dimensions of vulnerability mean that more and more organisations are reconsidering their policies and processes, to ensure they’re taking appropriate care of their customers.

We understand these challenges and offer a range of solutions to make our clients’ lives – and those of their customers - easier. From empathetic collections agents, to intelligent digital solutions which help take the stress out of difficult calls, we deliver relevant, personalised services which support your customers whilst protecting revenue. We also leverage data to provide real time analytics from social media and voice channels, so you can better understand customer behaviour.

And we stay focused on our front line people so that, when we’re delivering customer services for you, they’re supported with the right training and tools to better manage difficult enquiries.

Key statistics

In numbers: vulnerability today in the UK


UK consumers show one or more characteristics of potential vulnerability.

6.4 million

Adults feeling debt pressure, with a negative impact on health, relationships & ability to work.

15 million

People in the UK worried about paying the rising energy costs.

Featured highlights

Insight: Practical plans for managing experience in challenging times

Try out our practical and interactive feature which offers suggestions to strengthen your responsiveness for what lies ahead.

Report: Redefining our strategies for CX in challenging times

The report based on our thought-provoking think tank, providing compelling insights into adapting CX strategies to meet today’s challenges.

Video series: recognising the needs of a challenged society

Our video series features discussions with market analysts to consider how we can better support the expanding dimensions of customer vulnerability.

Infographic: Vulnerability is becoming more expansive

How the landscape of vulnerable customers is changing and how organisational culture needs to respond, including making empathy the key driving force in all corporate strategies.

Report and video series

Delivering service with sincerity

Our recent report Delivering service with sincerity to vulnerable customers explores how making sure our sincerity is truly felt by customers will better equip organisations to help the most vulnerable.
We then deep dive into the five key themes and explain exactly what we mean by a ‘leadership of kindness’ strategy.
Read the report
Watch the series
Video event series

Redefining our strategies for CX in challenging times

Our recent pop-up think tank featured an expert panel and a combined studio and virtual audience. The mission was to co-create a short-term plan for how organisations should respond in this new world.
Watch our event series as we tackle the most critical conversation in experience management today.
Industries we support

Customer experience in the telecoms, media and technology industry

We’re helping service providers and technology clients to navigate the challenges of a complex, regulated industry, helping them build more rewarding customer relationships to drive growth. See below for some useful industry resources or visit our telecoms, media and technology services page to find out more.

Supporting vulnerable customers whilst balancing commercial demands

This virtual roundtable replay discusses how organisations can best navigate the current complicated landscape.

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The leadership of kindness: six empathic tactics for telecoms collections teams

Our independent research identifies six key areas collections teams should focus on, to help and retain customers.

Read more

Are you ready to support your telecoms agents as customers become less forgiving?

Customers are expecting telecoms providers to deliver more empathetic services – we consider how to achieve this.

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The 10 principles of addressing customer vulnerability for call centre employees

This report suggests ways of helping your vulnerable customers to achieve better outcomes.

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Industries we support

How we enhance customer and citizen experience in other industries

wind turbine


We’re experts at helping clients to empower their customers – we’re championing the transformation of the utilities industry as organisations respond to rising consumer expectations and the need to reduce emissions to meet net zero.

Retail banking

Retail banking

We blend our banking expertise with an innovative, human-centric approach to nurture your people through a proven mix of technology, training and resources, enhancing and transforming processes and customer experience to drive growth.



We have a comprehensive portfolio of people, products and services for every step of the home buying journey. From origination software to servicing, we help our clients and their customers during some of their most important life moments.



We focus on creating seamless retail experiences, looking at the big picture to make every moment count. We're helping the retail industry to meet increasing consumer expectations with services which improve online and in-store performance.


Local government

With our knowhow of local public services and technology, we’re helping councils give people fast, easy access to employment, housing, funding, community spaces and social services as they empower citizens to self-serve.

central government

Central government

We’re helping government transform services so they’re more effective, efficient and flexible. This means you can exceed citizen expectations and deliver tomorrow’s ambitions through better insights.

More of our thinking

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