It's not just about the data, it's about how you use it

We're handling more than 100 million conversations and interactions every year, which creates a mass of useful data: direct feedback from customers, indirect feedback through social media posts, or inferred data through customer contact patterns. But it’s our expert insight that really makes the difference.

Not only do we mine a diverse range of data sources, we have a range of advanced analytical techniques and software at our fingertips – including speech, real-time social media data and text analytics and data science.

We draw on data from three different perspectives – customer contacts, account information and internal business data. That '3D' picture means we build up a much richer functional picture of your business operations and customer needs and can tailor our operations to meet your needs –  for example, to provide information on expenditure, such as the costs of serving a particular group of customers.

Our insight comes from multiple customer touchpoints, channels and platforms interactions. And our specialist software can provide real time analytics from social media to voice channels. We help you use this data to understand customer behaviours, pain points, trends and preferences to create actionable and focused improvements, or strategies that will deliver the most benefit.

We can also use data to improve your back office reporting. Our insight team helped a general insurance client analyse the debt accrued from poor quality case management and reduce it from £50m to under £3m. This resulted in annual savings of £600k.

Key statistics



➥ in annual savings for a major insurance provider



➥ by M&S, Debenhams and O2

How it works

Customers generally view their experiences with a brand very differently to how the brand itself does (which tends to be in terms of internal organisational silos such as sales, marketing, logistics, the contact centre etc.).

Using a range of techniques, including customer journey mapping, effort and emotion mapping, and value stream analysis, we can help you see your customers' journey through their eyes.

Using analytics and insight we can understand what your customers’ expectation are, and how they differ by product or service as well as by customer type. We can then design customer centric processes that ensure we always meet customer expectations at each touch point in their overall journey.

We primarily focus on:

  • removing customer effort (cognitive, time, physical and emotional) from their overall journey, making it easy for them to do business with you
  • eliminating failure demand, which removes unnecessary contacts and customer pain points
  • identifying opportunities to wow your customers and create real competitive differentiation for your brand.



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