Delivering around-the-clock customer service excellence for the communities you serve

We provide a vast range of customer services, including general enquiries, running switchboards, advice lines, complaints handling and one-stop-shops across the entire organisation.

We deliver full customer management of specific services too, such as housing benefit and council tax, housing repairs and blue badges. 

All our customer service advisers are highly skilled in all local authority enquiry types and fully monitored and quality assessed to ensure we continually improve our services.

Our multi-channel service includes online, social media, telephone, email, web chat and face-to-face – ensuring a joined up, on-brand customer experience for your customers, whatever their preferred contact channel.

We use customer insight to put the right people with the right skills in place, along with a culture of first time resolution to achieve your specific objectives.

Key statistics


90% of calls

➥ are answered within 20 seconds


24 hours a day

➥ delivering outstanding customer service



➥ with the Customer Service Excellence standard

Our services

In this challenging economic environment, affordability remains a fundamental requirement of local authorities. Our customer service solutions are designed to be fully flexible and give you real choice. We can:


Manage and evolve the customer services provision to minimise costs and improve channel shift.


Manage specific transactional services.


Transform the customer services provision to align with a strategic transformation agenda.


Provide additional capacity to support your customer services teams during peaks in demand.


Work alongside your existing teams to redesign service delivery.


Offer out of hours and emergency contact provision.



Contact an expert


  • ➥ Lower the cost of delivering customer services whilst enhancing the customer experience.
  • ➥ Support digital engagement and self service to enable a digital first approach to interacts with your organisation.
  • ➥ Enhance customer satisfaction and significantly improve the experience your customers receive.
  • ➥ Use data analytics and overlay insight to predict, design and resource services based on need and demand.
  • ➥ Design and deliver customer services solutions that support complex enquiries or vulnerable customers.
  • ➥ Deliver behavioural science techniques and marketing programmes to enhance the uptake of online customer service channels.
  • ➥ Have better resilience and access to support.
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