We make it easier for businesses to prevent, manage and recover debt effectively

Our clients are seeing results. The BBC has seen license fee collections increase by £1.2bn. We cut arrears by £3.4m for one client in the first year and increased ‘customer agreements to pay’ for a utility company by 13%.

We're constantly developing more ways to reduce and prevent debt as well as striving for better results. At the same time, we're ensuring we comply with FCA regulations, taking a compassionate approach by treating customers fairly.

As more people struggle to pay what they owe, we're training specialist staff to identify those who are starting to fall behind and offer pro-active, practical assistance to clear debt and prevent it from happening in the first place. In our experience, the greatest opportunities for improvement tend to come from early prevention of payment issues, rather than subsequent action to recover debt. Prevention not only provides a better customer experience, it supports customers in vulnerable situations, reduces the overall level of debt and reduces the cost of debt recovery.

Collections services

Payment software

One Payments, powered by Pay360, is Capita’s cloud-based solution for payment collection. It offers your customers a wide choice of payment options – all highly secure - while boosting efficiency for you and saving time.

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Fraud prevention

New technology designed to help you combat fraud, analyse and accept genuine customers, streamline decision making processes and increase revenues.

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Debt collection

We provide end-to-end debt collection solutions. This means we can work with your customers from the moment they apply for credit, to the point their debt is cleared.

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Customer experience insights

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Complaint handling

We’re helping companies manage everything from PPI remediation to complaints about poor service, with tailor-made solutions.

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Data and analytics

Our data analytics services sort through vast amounts of information to help companies boost brand loyalty, improve organisational structures and increase sales.

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Contact management

We're providing contact centre solutions for some of the biggest companies in the UK. Whether you’d like us to run your entire contact centre service or simply assist your existing teams at peak times, we can help.

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