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At the heart of the travel and hospitality industry is great customer experience.  We help our clients to strike a balance between the demands of the present and those of the future in a world of constant disruption.

Our data analytics expertise powers our understanding of customer behaviours, pinch points and unmet needs. Leveraging this insight alongside our artificial intelligence (AI) capability helps you to put people, processes, and proactive projects in place to exceed customer expectations so that you’re the first brand customers think of, whether they’re looking to join a gym, see the latest movie or book a holiday abroad. 

We’ve put together a selection of useful insights to help travel and leisure operators enhance customer experience – take a look at the resources below.



Trend report: Transforming travel and leisure

Our report explores the key trends shaping the global travel and leisure sector and considers how brands can focus on customer experience to reignite a sense of joy and future-proof businesses.
Post-pandemic recovery has been challenging, with innovative and robust service strategies required in the face of ongoing disruption and evolving consumer needs.
As consumers continue to increase their digital adoption, seek humanised experiences and a greater level of expertise, whilst also being guided by ethical and sustainable values, we consider how the most progressive brands are fostering closer, more supportive relationships driven by exceptional CX.

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Featured highlights

Make complaining customers your greatest allies

As the number of people travelling increases, customer complaints are on the rise – see our five tips for turning a customer complaint into something to embrace.

The resurgence of the travel advisor and hospitality concierge

Holidaymakers are being more cautious and selective when they plan their trips which offers new, exciting opportunities for businesses to offer concierge-style services.

Turning noise into insights with social listening

With so much being said on social media each day across many channels, it’s difficult to separate what’s meaningful from the noise. We consider how social listening makes this possible.

Will customers really pay more for better customer service?

The UKSCI’s most recent report on customer satisfaction suggests that a growing number of customers are prepared to pay more for improved service.

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