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Data and analytics

Optimising your data. Helping you make effective and efficient decisions. Using innovation for continuous improvement. Capitalising on your business intelligence.

Using our expertise and innovation in data analytics we'll help you create actionable insight from your data enabling you to make effective decisions that benefit your business, your customers and the citizens and communities that you engage with.


Human information

By 2020, it’s estimated that every human will be creating 1.7 megabytes of new information every second!

Artificial intelligence

By the end of 2018 half a billion users will save two hours a day, thanks to AI-powered tools.

Customer experience

By 2020 more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience.

It’s my data and I’ll deal if I want to

The landscape of data ownership is starting to shift. Regulations are making it more complex for organisations to gather and hoard; customers are learning their data has a value and are beginning to bargain. Capita’s innovation director, Alan Linter, wonders where it could lead.

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In education being data literate is not optional

Data analytics in education is not just about efficiencies, it has the power to improve outcomes and ensure every child achieves their potential. Graham Cooper, head of education at Capita Education Software Solutions, discusses how we can use data and technology to drive educational improvement.

Artificial Intelligence: Is it the 4th industrial revolution?

Using AI is a journey. And the journey to AI starts with ‘the basics’ of identifying and understanding the data. Where does it reside? How can we access it? Strong information architecture is the first step on the AI ladder. By Alan Crameri, CTO, Barrachd.

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The 4 things that drive customers mad

Andy Moorhouse, director of insight and analytics at Blue Sky, discusses how conversation data can reveal what makes your customers want to leave. Could there be ‘Four Horsemen of the Customer Service Apocalypse’, consistent sequences in call handler behaviour that predict customer ‘divorce’ (or at least extreme dissatisfaction)?

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Data first, AI second

AI can be the answer to many business challenges – but is, ultimately, worthless without good quality data – and the right data. With the heightened awareness of the ‘power of data’, combined with complex algorithms touted as the panacea for some organisations, Anish Shah, Head of automation CoE at Capita, outlines a genre of conversations that he’s regularly having with clients in the backdrop of that mindset.

Can analytics help fight social isolation?

Talking data and analytics in healthcare: An interview with Adrian Woolmore, Capita Transformation.

As health market lead of our transformation business, Adrian and his team are working to reduce social isolation in the UK. We spoke to him about the potential to use predictive analytics to help tackle the issue.

Choose your own data strategy - why data trends are not always the right thing to follow

In today’s increasingly data-driven world, organisations are facing growing pressure to adopt strategies around data, machine learning and AI, keep abreast of latest technology and demonstrate that their data is contributing to growth and profitability. Hear more from Doug Brown, chief data scientist at Capita Employee Solutions.

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Data powers a good digital strategy: but it all starts with building citizens’ trust

For councils to realise the full potential of their digital vision, they have to first engage with citizens and build their confidence in order to generate the data that will make it all possible.

Hear more from Anthony Singleton, managing director at Capita One

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