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The customer experience (CX) landscape is changing at an exceptional pace. Customer expectations are evolving, influenced by the impact of the macro environment. Businesses are still dealing with the after-effects of the global pandemic, economic challenges, and the growing number of vulnerable customers.

Throughout these downturns and disruption come valuable lessons which create opportunities to reset and rebuild. During the pandemic many companies fast-forwarded their digital strategies, driving new growth channels, and there’s now a huge opportunity for businesses to focus on growth.

By looking forward and leveraging the value of data insights, technology and people,  businesses can move into the future with positivity and innovation.


Our latest report: Pathways to progress

Together with leading consultancy Future Collective we’ve produced in-depth reports of the current state of play and growth opportunities for key industry sectors, looking ahead at the next 24 months.

There are several trends that span multiple industries and we’ve rounded up these key findings into an easily-digestible summary, helping CX professionals build on their industry sector knowledge by sharing the best practice and innovation successfully implemented by other industries.


Select your industry below for specific industry-related insights:

Consumer electronics

How can brands offer people-first, next-generation experience in retail stores whilst improving satisfaction and loyalty?


Is the response of utilities in term of customer experience and restoring trust up to customers’ expectations?


How can interactions be simplified in customer journeys, from sign-up to usage and billing?


As personalisation becomes a core expectation how can retailers meet consumer needs at every step?


How are telcos showing customers the benefits of 5G and driving demand?

Travel and leisure

Is there a demand for personalisation and does it go far enough?


Can companies improve customers’ water-efficiency and engagement?

Motor finance and leasing

Can ‘finance first’ take the pressure off financing and leasing cars?

Further industry-specific insights for delivering growth

Six ways the consumer electronics industry can prioritise connectivity

By focusing on seamlessly connecting the customer journey, the consumer electronics sector can succeed in the face of rising expectations.

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Why demanding customers are providing a stimulus for change in the media industry

Serving people who know what they want means that media companies can more easily identify how to give them exactly that.

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The issues telcos must address to cut the digital divide

Being able to provide equality of service to all is one of the most crucial challenges that today’s telecoms providers need to face up to.

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Improving trust should be a priority for the energy sector

If providers focus on renewing trust, it will go a long way to helping them to deliver on their promises to customers.

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Retail customers are shifting from experience to participation and ownership

Today’s retail customer is seeking a much deeper involvement, and the brands who can give them this are the ones with whom they will choose to shop.

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Taking the next step for customer-centricity in travel and leisure

Only by focusing on customer-centricity can the travel and leisure sector continue to recover and move into a prosperous future.

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