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Iram Ishtiaq joined Capita as part of our Graduate scheme in 2015. Read about her journey and how Capita played its role in helping to expand her horizons.

"I’ve been at Capita for four years now, and I came into the company via the Lead the Way Graduate scheme. From day one I noticed everyone is truly willing to help. I can remember feeling really overwhelmed when I started my journey, I just didn’t understand what made an organisation as large as Capita tick. Especially all the different departments within the organisation to consider and the individual roles they play. It took me a few months to get my head around everything, but I stayed focused on getting to know the business unit I was in at that time which was Transport for London. Over the last four years I’ve put a lot of emphasis on building my network in different departments, working across multiple contracts and getting involved in divisional and group level projects.

My advice is I truly believe if you try your hardest and step outside your comfort zone on occasions, Capita notices that potential and will continue to provide you with opportunities.

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing mentors within Capita over the years who have supported me from technical aspects, soft skills to helping me with my career development and plans. Capita has supported me to complete my master’s in management and leadership and supported me to undertake my training contract in Government Services to qualify as a Solicitor in May 2019.

I now work as a Commercial Manager for Education Software Solutions within the Capita Software Division, where I’ve had the chance to use the diverse skills and experience I’ve acquired across legal, operational and commercial roles.

I enjoy working as a Commercial Manager and I love building relationships with clients and colleagues, getting involved in business decisions, leading on commercial matters and having the freedom to negotiate. I have really good foundations to build upon as my career progresses.

My professional goal is to become a Commercial Director in the foreseeable future. But on a personal level I want to have a family life as well and I know Capita can help me get that complicated work-life balance right."

“I’ve always felt I had good exposure to opportunities at Capita, and if I’ve ever wanted to get involved in anything, I’ve never had anyone say no.”

Iram, commercial manager at Capita

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