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The retail banking industry is not standing still, so we're helping our clients to drive stronger customer relationships through intelligent services, new technologies, data science and seamless channel experiences.
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Globally banking is changing rapidly.

In 2010, when Metro Bank received its banking licence, it was the first in the UK for 150 years and, since then, a number of new entrants are continuing to transform the market.

Regulation through open banking is driving greater transparency of transactions and opening up new opportunities for non-banks and technology players to offer financial services.

Neo banks are not just digitally enhancing banking products, they are redesigning services which could lead to a future of banking services being provided without banks.

Against this background of heightened potential disruption, new possibilities need to be imagined for banks to remain relevant in the future.

At Capita, we're using our experience in software, data and analytics, people solutions and specialist customer management to bring together propositions, technology, marketing, and organisational design to deliver future success.


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Mortgage payment holidays, gain or pain?

Some 2.75 million mortgage payment holidays were granted up until the end of 2020. With the scheme extended to July 2021. Director of Financial Services, Helen McDermott assesses if banks have eased the pain or prolonged it?

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Supporting retail banking through Covid-19

How banks can build trust

Retail banks were already under huge pressure due to new competitors, ongoing regulation and slowing profit growth, prior to Covid-19.

Embracing new technologies is the best route to address these challenges and can gain competitive advantage by building trust-based relationships with customers.

AI is at the front of these new technologies and provides a means of allowing an open, two-way flow of information which is at the heart of delivering better solutions and services.


Banking on the new normal

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to grow. As such, the UK government has imposed tight restrictions on its citizens’ movement and assembly. More and more people are coming to terms with the reality of enforced isolation – a difficult but necessary means of protecting themselves and their loved ones.

Limiting free movement for large swathes of the population has significant implications for those who work in and interact with the banking sector. It affects everyone: from branch employees, call-centre operatives and investment managers to personal and business customers, intermediaries and suppliers.

Shaping tomorrow together

At Capita, we’re here to help you support your operations, your people and your customers. Find out more about the services and solutions we have designed to help the retail banking industry respond.


Supporting clients in a crisis with expert complaint handling


If there's a problem, getting the right help and support to customers is a priority

When a spate of stories about financial services complaints had appeared in the media, one financial services business contacted us. They knew they had to respond to the surge in negative media, by boosting their own complaint handling capability. They also realised that this couldn’t be achieved quickly enough by handling it internally.

Within the financial services world, contact agents need a wide range of very specific skills. Not just contact centre knowledge, but also specialist complaint handling, experience of supporting vulnerable customers, awareness of fraud and money-laundering and the latest regulatory procedures.

Establishing a specialist complaints team would be the most effective way to demonstrate their commitment to their customers. This meant recruiting, training and deploying a completely new team within a matter of weeks. And this was not an existing client of ours, but a brand new one.

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Yvette Wise

Yvette Wise

Retail Banking Lead

A twenty-year track record in senior positions and a depth of transformational change experience in within Financial Services. Yvette has led some of our most significant partnerships with clients, winning fourteen industry awards in the past five years. A hands-on operation consultant and a regular CX transformation key-note speaker, with a broad industry perspective and a depth of operational experience that underpins many of Capita’s strategic client solutions.

Helen McDermott

Helen McDermott

Director, Financial Services

Over 25 years’ experience helping develop and deliver people and technology solutions for banking and financial services organisations. Helen has worked across geographies providing customer experience transformation programmes for some of Europe’s largest organisations, addressing complex business challenges and creating competitive advantage. A champion for her clients, with a wide range of operational knowledge and passion for digital driven innovations supporting Capita’s purpose to deliver better outcomes.


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