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Even as change continues to gather momentum, we’re helping banks and building societies to drive growth by delivering positive customer experiences through our expert agents, FCA-regulated services and intelligent technologies.
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Helping you to stay competitive in a changing industry

Retail banking is changing rapidly on a global scale. As regulation through open finance drives greater transparency of transactions and opens up opportunities for non-banks to offer financial services, the market has transformed from where it was just a short time ago.

And the new challengers in the industry aren’t just digitally enhancing banking products, they’re redesigning services which could lead to a future of banking services being provided without banks. So how can organisations remain relevant?

We can help. We apply our unique blend of market-leading technology, data and analytics with specialist customer experience expertise to offer a comprehensive range of services, bringing together propositions, innovation and operational design to help you continue to lead in a complex and competitive market.

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Financial services finds another gear

Despite the City being braced for the worst, the financial sector responded to the pandemic with pragmatism and resilience. We consider the cautious optimism looking forward.

Mortgage payment holidays: gain or pain?

Some 2.75 million mortgage payment holidays were granted in 2020. With a scheme extension. Director of Financial Services Helen McDermott considers if banks have eased the pain or prolonged it.

How banks can build trust


Enhancing customer experience to strengthen your loyalty base

People have a complex relationship with money, which means you have to work harder to ensure your customers feel good about their touchpoints with you. From managing general enquiries, customer service and retention, to collections and complaints, we’re trusted by some of the UK’s largest brands, applying our unique knowledge of the latest technologies, data and analytics to transform all areas of customer experience.

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How we're helping to create better experiences for The Co-operative Bank customers

Embracing technology for better customer relationships

From new competitors to ongoing regulation and the pandemic, it’s a constant challenge to be able to stand up the resource to provide the exemplary customer service you want to be known for.

By embracing new technologies you can build those all-important trust-based customer relationships whilst gaining competitive advantage. For example, with artificial intelligence (AI) you can allow an open, two-way flow of information to reassure and support your customers whilst surfacing key information for you to improve services.

Simplify and enhance the mortgage journey

As a mortgage provider, people rely on you to be able to move their lives forward. But many find the mortgage arena complex and confusing, which is why we put customer experience at the heart of our Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-regulated mortgage services and software. From the highest-quality support services to our market-leading origination, sales and processing platform, we’re committed to making home financing as hassle-free as other consumer experiences today.

Adopt a human-centred approach to collections

When a customer falls behind with payments, how you respond is critical, both for brand reputation and ensuring they feel supported to make suitable payment arrangements. This requires a careful balance – a balance that our experienced, empathetic collections agents, technology and analytics capability are already helping a range of leading banks to achieve.

FCA-authorised, our human-centred response to collections wraps our people, process and systems around the customer, whether responding to an enquiry or proactively offering support where customers are displaying the early warning signs of financial pressure.

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Show you’re serious about handling complaints fairly


It’s vital to resolve customer complaints fairly, and in the most positive way. But complaints can be complex, so how do you ensure they don’t drain precious resource away from growing your business?

Offering our unique blend of expert agents alongside the latest automation technology and analytics, our end-to-end complaint handling and remediation solutions allow teams to spend less time on basic processes, and more time securing the best resolutions. As a result, we’ve handled more than three million complaints and paid more than £7 billion in remediation on behalf of clients.

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How we’re resolving financial services complaints positively

The reassurance of agile, FCA-regulated services

The pace of change for financial regulations and standards continues apace – just keeping up with, MiFID, IFRS, GDPR and SMCR alone already swallows up a large proportion of banks’ change budgets. Offering a wide range of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated services, we ensure operating procedures flex and adapt to continue to meet evolving requirements.

With more than 4,500 people regulated and approved by the FCA, we work in partnership with life, pensions and mortgage providers to deliver high-quality customer-focused services on their behalf. We introduce innovative digital solutions and apply tried and tested operational frameworks to minimise risk and improve overall compliance. Always, of course, with a strong focus on consumer protection and the delivery of appropriate outcomes for your customers.

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Expert spotlight

Yvette Wise

Yvette Wise

Retail Banking Lead

A twenty-year track record in senior positions and a depth of transformational change experience in within Financial Services. Yvette has led some of our most significant partnerships with clients, winning fourteen industry awards in the past five years. A hands-on operation consultant and a regular CX transformation key-note speaker, with a broad industry perspective and a depth of operational experience that underpins many of Capita’s strategic client solutions.

Helen McDermott

Helen McDermott

Director, Retail Banking

Over 25 years’ experience helping develop and deliver people and technology solutions for banking and financial services organisations. Helen has worked across geographies providing customer experience transformation programmes for some of Europe’s largest organisations, addressing complex business challenges and creating competitive advantage. A champion for her clients, with a wide range of operational knowledge and passion for digital driven innovations supporting Capita’s purpose to deliver better outcomes.

Ian Elam

Ian Elam

Director, Collections, Complaints and Remediation

Ian has spent the last 25 years working with regulated businesses, helping them improve customer outcomes, reducing costs whilst remaining compliant. He is part of the team responsible for Capita’s collections, complaints and rectification proposition development. Prior to joining Capita he has held senior leadership and board roles in consultancy and outsourcing businesses.

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