Using the power of insight to stay ahead of consumer expectations

We work with our clients to create seamless customer experiences that support the drive towards online shopping and the direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model - an approach which provides an opportunity for consumer electronic brands to take control of their customers’ experience.

At Capita, we’re experts in creating seamless customer journeys and experiences. We look at the big picture, to make every small moment count. We're helping the consumer electronics industry adapt to changing business models, supporting them to build customer loyalty with personalised services and to meet increasing consumer expectations through data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve online and in-store customer experience.


Moving from clicks to bricks

Consumer electronics sales are still predominantly through third party electrical retailers, with notable exceptions - such as Apple and Samsung - who have led the way in creating unique spaces to promote brand engagement through experience centres.
As more brands start to embrace the direct to customer (DTC) model. Matt Camille, Client Partner of consumer electronics at Capita, considers whether they’ll be the ones to reap the benefits of bigger profits.

Are we seeing a return to renting for consumer electronics?

Economic pressures could mean consumers are ready to embrace a subscription model for electronic goods. We consider how the market can respond to the current trend.

Will customers really pay more for better customer service?

The UKSCI’s most recent report on customer satisfaction suggests that a growing number of customers are prepared to pay more for improved service.

Our expertise

We use the power of insight to create seamless experiences that stay ahead of consumer expectations:

Identifying gaps and seizing opportunities

Drawing insight from data, we apply these learnings to every stage of the product journey to market, including product innovation and development.

Listening to the voice of the customer

From pre-order, sales, marketing and delivery, to post-purchase support, we carefully analyse customer feedback to understand areas for improvement.

Delivering the best possible experiences

With our focus on customer experience, we help generate greater levels of customer acceptance and loyalty towards your products so that you’re the preferred choice.

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Our solutions

How we help consumer electronics businesses

Customer experience
Data & analytics
Complaints handling
Assisted conversations
Augmented advisor



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