Your customers are talking. They’re talking about what makes them happy and what makes them unhappy. Which of these applies to your organisation? With so much being said on social media every day across so many channels, separating the meaningful sounds from all the noise can seems impossible. But social listening makes it possible.

Someone shares an image of their broadband being down on Instagram. They tweet their frustrations about being kept on hold by their service provider. They then turn to Facebook to post about how impolite the customer service agent was when they asked their upgrade options. Or maybe they’ve logged on to testify the positive: their delight in the good customer service they received or how a new product has enriched their life.

With social listening, you can find out about your customers’ preferences and how these are shifting in real time. And the more insights you can glean, the better you can serve them. You can track and resolve their issues; you can turn their joy into product improvements or sales and marketing opportunities, or use them to tweak your customer service provisions.

Getting to know your customers better

Social listening is fast, meaning you can stay ahead of your competition by quickly gaining insights from social media about what customers are really want from your products and services. You can anticipate a brewing storm of customer dissatisfaction and contain it before it reaches traditional media outlets or uncover breaking news events before anyone else.

As well as letting you know what your prospects and leads are talking about, you can learn about their behaviours. What is the best way to reach them? How do they search for products? What are their pain points – and what would send them into the arms of your competitors?

Fusing open data into insights with Monatair

One such social listening platform is Monatair – which was one of only 14 global data partners named by Twitter during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Monatair collects data that is then leveraged on a bespoke insights dashboard. Built on proven technology, Monatair draws on almost a decade of experience in market-leading open data technology to bring you truly multi-source social media intelligence. It enables organisations to analyse data across multiple social media channels, offering a quick and easy way to capture, filter and reveal crucial information.

The data collected by Monatair is tailored to the user by building and defining queries around content that is relevant for them. The areas to focus on might include:

  • Latest news
  • Customer sentiment
  • Customer experience – what are they praising/criticising?
  • Industry moves and changes
  • Focusing on key personnel – for instance by seniority or digital score
  • Purpose – what CSR topics are being talked about?

Insights like these can help you to understand the public perception of your organisation; provide your sales teams with valuable awareness; create relevant marketing campaigns; or even retarget previous thought leadership content and tailor the messaging.

Further to this, you can go as far as stakeholder mapping and targeting (e.g. LinkedIn prospecting), and from this anticipate potential upcoming opportunities, allowing you to get involved earlier. You can search and monitor engagement across multiple social media channels; analyse the success of key campaigns, events and communications to form strategic insights; and benchmark your performance – or the performance of others – across several social media platforms.

Find out more about how Monatair can help you understand your customers better

Written by

Sachin Shah

Sachin Shah

Telecoms, Media and Technology Consulting Market Lead, Capita Experience

Sachin is Telecoms, Media and Technology Sector Lead at Capita, with extensive experience working in the Telecoms Media and Technology Sector. As a strategic thinker Sachin maintains an entrepreneurial mindset that thrives in innovative environments that foster empowerment. Sachin is a commercial specialist with experience in digital, product development, marketing & business development disciplines in corporate & start-up environments.

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