Innovation to help water companies meet current and future challenges

Population growth and climate change mean growing pressure for water companies -  not only to improve the resilience of systems and services to customers, but to address evolving challenges such as water scarcity and environmental quality in a landscape of rising customer expectations.

These challenges need significant further investment and continuing evolution of the regulatory framework to make sure the water sector can continue to deliver the outcomes customers want, efficiently and effectively. And, with the increase in new opportunities to innovate to deliver services, success will depend on organisations’ ability to develop new capabilities, to provide an agile customer-centred approach and to utilise data intelligently to meet customer demands and expectations.

We’re helping utility clients achieve the digital agility, automation, data intelligence and customer excellence that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Take a look at the useful resources we’ve put together below.

Key statistics

In numbers: Capita and the water industry



How much we reduced customer complaints for Southern Water customers



Score in client satisfaction survey for Severn Trent


£6 million

Collected in additional revenue for Severn Trent


Top 3 suppliers

We're one of the top 3 suppliers to the energy and utilities industry in the UK and Ireland ( BPS 2021)

Our latest research

Testing the UK’s views on water usage and water metering

We’ve explored attitudes and barriers to adopting a smart meter and reducing water wastage, as well as what consumers think about providers with regard to helping to lead a greener lifestyle.

Water efficiency: saving water, money and the environment

Produced in partnership with Utility Week, our report explores current water efficiency and whether the sector is doing enough to engage with customers and encourage demand reduction.

Featured highlights

Securing the future of water management

As our relationship with resources shifts, our report looks at how the water industry can influence customers to be more water-efficient, whilst improving engagement and experience.


Changing customer services from ‘Who are you?’ to ‘How are you?’

Companies today are dealing with a broad range of vulnerable customers. But even seemingly small changes can prove significant, such as refocussing strategy around the word ‘how’.


We must listen to customers’ emotions as well as their words

Customer service agents work in a challenging environment, but by paying attention to customers’ emotional needs, customers will remember their experience for the right reasons.

Infographic: consumers’ views on the role of water suppliers

We asked UK adults how they feel about the role of water suppliers in addressing climate change and protecting the environment.

Read about our work

environment -water testing

Helping Severn Trent to enhance customers' experience

Water provider Severn Trent turned to us to enhance customer experience and aid debt collection, also to improve its satisfaction (CSAT) score. Find out how we helped.

customer experience

Simplifying lives of Southern Water customers

We’re working in partnership with Southern Water to simplify and transform customer experience, so that their customers are happier and empowered to self-serve.

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Our solutions

Customer experience
Data & analytics
Complaints handling
Conversational AI chatbots
Assisted conversations
Robotic process automation

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