Welcome to the future of work and learning podcast series

In this monthly podcast series, we explore the changing trajectories across education, skills and employment to cultivate a culture of lifelong learning and how to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature of work.

Each month, we’ll be joined by a range of leading experts and brightest minds to discuss and share views on hot topics around work and learning.

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We’re at The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, discussing how military training can help shape the future of learning with Major General Paul Nanson, CB, CBE, Commandant and General Officer Commanding Recruiting and Initial Training Command and Cath Possamai, CEO, Recruiting Group, British Army.

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Episode 1: Longevity and learning – education now for health in the future

The three-stage view of life is increasingly out of date in a society where a considerable segment of the population is now predicted to live to the age of 100 – and perhaps even further.

Longer lifespans mean that our paths are becoming increasingly less linear: rather than simply ‘finishing’ school and working solidly through to our sixties, numerous jobs, multiple stints in education and even mid-life career breaks will become increasingly common.

In episode one, Capita's Dr Charles Young and Andrew Scott discuss how learning and longevity will impact our lives.


  • Andrew Scott, Author of ‘The 100-Year Life’ book
  • Dr Charles Young, Senior Medical Officer at Capita

Duration: 15 mins 25 secs

Episode 2: How will automation impact work?

The future of work is now – and we’re already on the journey to a more automated world of work.

In episode two, Capita’s Chief Growth Officer Ismail Amla joins Professor Lynda Gratton to explore how we can tackle automation anxiety, embrace upskilling and reskilling and support people as we transition into the future of work.

Listen to the role individuals, businesses and Government’s will need to play in the UK and around the world to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities.


  • Lynda Gratton, London Business School
  • Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer at Capita

Duration: 15 mins 55 secs

Episode 3: What role does artificial intelligence and technology play in our learning?

In episode three, Alex Beard from Teach for All and Tirath Virdee, our Director of Artificial Intelligence discuss how we human learning differs from machine learning and what we can gain from both.

Listen to Alex and Tirath discuss how continual learning and training should be reflected in the business world, the implications of technology revolutions both in education and in the workplace and discuss what it means to be human, in this technological age.


  • Alex Beard, Author of Natural Born Learners
  • Tirath Virdee, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Capita

Duration: 16 mins

Episode 4: Can military training help shape the future of learning?

In episode three, we’re at The Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst with Major General Paul Nanson and Cath Possamai, CEO Recruiting Group for Capita and the British Army.

Listen to Paul and Cath discuss how military training, technology and leadership skills can have a much broader utilisation and can help shape the future of learning.


  • Major General Paul Nanson, the British Army
  • Cath Possamai, CEO Recruiting Group for Capita and the British Army

Duration: 15 mins