Vodcast series: the journey to CX transformation

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How can organisations keep up with evolving customer expectations? And resolve customer issues more effectively?

In our inspirational and illuminating vodcast series we explore the future of customer experience (CX) transformation, discussing the impact of organisational culture and people, the journey to digital and the power of data.

Discover how we’re transforming customer experience

The journey to executing a digital-first agenda: a conversation with Aimie Chapple.

In this first podcast of the series, Martin Hill-Wilson, Emotive CX mentor and Customer Service & AI Engagement Strategist, is joined by one of the key architects of Capita’s digital transformation, Aimie Chapple, CEO of Capita Experience. Together they set the scene for how companies will be approaching their own digital transformations and tackle how to keep up with evolving customer expectations and competitive pressures.

“As our client’s customers are becoming more demanding, the need for us to manage the experiences continues to rise, and it’s rising up the corporate agenda as well - it’s now more important to them. So Capita Experience is really an evolution of both what we’ve already been delivering to our clients but also - as we engage with them - their outcomes are telling us that they need a more significant customer experience partner to create many of their own experiences.”

Aimie shares with us how Capita Experience is using data and insights to support customers with staying abreast of new trends and competing at a higher level. Innovative technologies such as cloud services and artificial intelligence can offer new ways of meeting customer demands on any channel.

The journey to using data for real-time customer engagement: a conversation with Alan Linter

In the second podcast in the series exploring customer experience transformation, Martin Hill-Wilson speaks to Alan Linter, Director of innovation at Capita. Together they discuss the journey to using data for real-time customer engagement.

Alan talks about rapid acceleration of technologies used for real-time or near-time customer experience management such as conversational analytics and the use of digital emotion rather than sentiment as a better indicator of customer action.

He explains the concept that people are willing to trade immediacy for certainty: “How would you use data to get certainty? In order to potentially make customer services outbound, by implementing some kind of digital triage which could take place and then using this data to understand who the customer may need to speak to and knowing that the customer service representative is armed with the right data with the right skills and knowledge to resolve that issue, I think that’s something that a lot of customers will be willing to accept. They will be happy to get a call back if it leads to a resolution and avoids all the wait time.”

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