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Al Murrary & Kameel Khan

What should a court system fit for the 21st century look like?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about an urgent need to rethink the justice system. Recent months have seen a huge acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies in legal processes across the world, including a rapid intake in remote courts, digital debt collection platforms and automatic transcription systems.

As we look to the future, what digital technologies could become part of the justice landscape? How do we progress and develop a system that’s fit for purpose and delivers better outcomes for everyone?

In our latest Tomorrow’s Organisations podcast, Al Murray, Managing Director of Justice and Central Government at Capita is joined by Dr Kameel Khan, Law Professor and Sitting Judge at the UK Ministry of Justice to discuss the future of the justice system.

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Al Murray

Justice and Central Government at Capita

Al is a transformation leader with 30+ years’ experience in a range of strategic leadership roles. As Managing Director for Justice and Central Government in Capita’s Government Services division, Al is responsible for driving growth and transformation with key government departments.


Kameel Khan

DCI Fellow and Visiting Scholar (Law) at Stanford University

Dr Kameel khan was a DCI Fellow and Visiting Scholar at Stanford University over the last two years where he was involved in the Future of Learning among other research. He is a UK Judge and social entrepreneur and was a law professor and held a visiting position at Harvard Law School.

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