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Watch on-demand: How do we put the heart back into local communities through place shaping?


How can place shaping put the heart back into local communities?

Every town and city in the UK is feeling the impact of Covid-19, from factors such as the changing retail market, workplaces being closed, the night time economy coming to a standstill and the slowing pace of regeneration and investment. There are still many unknowns about what the future of towns and cities might look like after the pandemic.

Bringing in the visionary place maker Wayne Hemmingway from Hemmingway Design, with Capita’s and GL Hearn’s placemaking and smart city delivery team, we discuss how we can start to put back the heart in communities and debate what a future town and city might look like after Covid-19. Will places move to smaller village type identities? Is it an opportunity to rethink investment models? How can towns and cities be more resilient to cope with unknown future challenges?

In this session, which initially took place at the MJ Future Forum North on 18 March 2021, we look at a range of possibilities and analyse the practical steps local authorities can take to get to shape their future place.

Speakers include:

  • Heather Jameson, Editor of the MJ
  • Wayne Hemmingway, Hemmingway Design and Joanne Dennis-Jones, Head of Planning GL Hearn - talk about the vision for future towns and cities and discuss some examples of key projects in the north. Wayne is an English designer and co-founder of Hemmingway Design who have influenced the skylines of Gateshead, Manchester, Maidenhead, Blackburn, and Skelmersdale.
  • Mark Dally, Director of Place, Capita and Paul Dowling, Service Manager for Regeneration and Strategic Transport at North Tyneside Council, talk about the practical steps local authorities can take to best shape their places for the future from a planning and physical asset perspective. 
  • Carole Ciliberti, Head of Smart Places, Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure - discusses how towns and cities can be more resilient for the future and what role digital and technology plays in the future of towns and cities.

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