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To address the financial challenges that the defence sector is currently facing, partnering and outsourcing has become a compelling solution.

Capita is entrusted by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to deliver a range of core business services of national importance. The responsibilities implicit in these undertakings are taken extremely seriously by all employees engaged on their delivery. 

We understand that, in future, the 'first choice' for UK defence manpower capabilities will be the Whole Force Approach (WFA). WFA is a flexible workforce construct for defence that will enable the delivery of military outputs in the most efficient and effective way, blending military, civil service, regular reserves, sponsored reserves, and contractors.

We're already delivering into this approach for the UK MOD, and have held information-sharing discussions with other NATO Defence Forces with similar requirements. With us, you’ll receive a specialised service delivering activities that, while essential, may be better delivered by partner contractors – leaving you free to focus on the main effort. 

We deliver recruitment to the British Army, as well as e-learning and support services to the UK Defence Centre for Languages & Culture, and technical support to the Astute class Submarine build programme. We're the prime contractor acting as the Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s (DIO) strategic business partner, responsible for the leadership and direction of the DIO and the management of its delivery partners and contractors. 

The employees who deliver our defence solutions are a blend of subject matter experts, and those with particular defence experience, either in uniform or within the wider defence industry.

Our defence advisory board

Our team of carefully selected and approved former senior officers and other ex-service personnel ensures the appropriate blend of ethos, military knowledge and lifestyle is engrained into the work we do on behalf of the MOD.

Capita is proud to have been one of the first companies to sign the Armed Forces Covenant back in 2013, pledging to support employees who are serving or have served in the armed forces, and their families.

British Military Forces

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