Understanding people, processes and technology

Our approach to protection is built on three interlocking premises. Firstly, an understanding that all humans are vulnerable to being duped or making an error. The second is our deep expertise - and first-hand experience - of understanding business processes across multiple industries and sectors. Third, we manage two security operations centres (SOC) in the UK and have a close relationship with all leading security vendors.

It means we look that little bit closer at people, we understand that little bit more about how businesses operate, and the technology we offer fits that little bit better.

In fact, our joint venture with The Cabinet Office to create AXELOS sets the global standards for cyber resilience – developing methods that are used by security and IT professionals everywhere.

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Managing the human impact on your cyber defences

The cyber world is complex and threat is continually evolving, but recognising we’re all human is the most effective form of protection.

Watch our video for an overview of the impact of human vulnerabilities on cyber security.

Capita cyber security at-a-glance

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