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How we helped a city council unlock the power of digital

Capita change makers - council

Our client is a forward-thinking council, with a clear vision for its citizens, communities and businesses. We’ve been working with the council for a decade, helping to address its long term goals to transform the way citizens are accessing services.



Improve citizen services whilst bridging a funding gap.


Use behavioural insight and service design to transform digitally.


Service redesign of key processes and an annual cost saving of £9m.


The challenge

Like most local authorities across the country, our client was facing a big challenge – how to bridge the funding gap and answer residents’ call for better, easy-to-use digital services.

The council knew they needed a digital transformation and we helped them turn their ideas into reality quickly and on a large scale.

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Our approach

This was never going to be a ‘big bang’ IT programme with the risks of cost control, overruns and delays. Instead, we set up a pragmatic, delivery-focused process built on integrating existing systems.

Digital transformation has to be as much about culture and behaviour change as it is about technology and processes. There’s no point designing impressive tech solutions if staff and citizens don’t see the point of them, end up not using them to their full advantage – or, worse still, not using them at all. 

Our team needed to work closely with residents and council staff, bringing a mix of skills – such as behavioural insight and service design, as well as project management and technical. 

The impact

The programme secured significant savings and is targeting to hit a run-rate of £7m in 2017/18 and beyond.

Within months, we helped the council transform over 100 services, from reporting a missed bin collection to applying for a parking permit to requesting a birth certificate. Residents can now complete these tasks quickly and easily online.

The programme has also transformed the way council staff work. For example, rolling out mobile devices to social workers in adult social care. Using behavioural insight and gamification we engaged them in an entirely different way – and were able to prove that using mobile devices meant they could catch up on note writing and emails on the go. Now they can spend more time with the people who need them rather than travelling back to the office to catch up on admin.

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As the council enters a new era of doing more with less, our relationship with Capita has entered a new, deeper and more integrated form of partnership. Capita, our transformation partner, has brought us the ‘A-Team’ who are relentless in driving a scale of change that we couldn’t do ourselves. Importantly, we push each other to get things done as a single team pursuing a single digital vision and objective and creating value for the council and our citizens. It’s also important that Capita are, as good partners do, sharing the pain and the gain on the programme. This means that, between us, we will transform the council and therefore make a measurable positive impact.

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