Helping school governing boards achieve excellence through a digital leadership development program

Whether you are a new school governor or one with extensive experience, as a member of a governance board you need to continuously strive to achieve excellence and stay on top of the fast-changing educational environment.

To help governors, clerks and schools achieve this goal, we developed GovernorSpace - a digital platform that is entirely funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and which provides numerous leadership development programmes for governors and clerks.

Available entirely online, GovernorSpace offers benefits like expert advice, mentor guidance and interactive training activities. It also provides a robust network of peer-to-peer support for long-term development of governors.

In addition to the training programmes, the platform also offers GovernorConnect – a way to connect with your peers - and GovernorRecruit – a place to advertise and search for new governor employment opportunities.

With more than 6,000 registered governors and clerks from across England, this highly popular platform offers unparalleled benefits.

How GovernorSpace helps schools and governors

The solution
GovernorSpace for schools
GovernorSpace for governors and clerks
What is it A DfE sponsored digital platform to improve how your governing board performs. It provides expert guidance, interactive training and mentoring to your governors and clerks. A digital leadership development programme that helps you advance in your career as a governor or clerk.
How it helps GovernorSpace provides schools with free support to enable their governors and clerks to stay on top of the ever-changing and challenging educational environment. Enables you to self-evaluate your strengths and areas of development. It also provides you with mentor guidance, online interactive training, peer-to-peer support and a lot more.
Features include The programme includes self-evaluation tools to define the areas of development and success criteria. It also offers interactive training, mentor guidance and peer-to-peer support. Online training allows you to complete the programme at your pace and from any location that has an internet connection. 
Who's it for Schools and educational institutes in England that strive to achieve excellence in governance. Governors who are looking to advance in their careers, aspiring governors and clerks.
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