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Intelligent Workforce is a reliable workforce management software solution that’s easy to use. It offers everything you need at your fingertips to efficiently manage your workforce, from anywhere, at  any time, thanks to the Cloud.

The software allows you to effectively manage time, productivity, and costs within your organisation. You can use our intuitive web portal or mobile app to get real-time management information and insights, so you can enhance your business operations and make more informed decisions.  

Our leading time and attendance system provides reliable time tracking that’s easy to use. You can  get an instant, real-time view of who is in at work, absent or on a break. The in-built geofencing and configurable location rules will give you confidence that your employees are where they need to be at any given time. 

With the companion mobile app, you can enable your employees to update their personnel details, view their upcoming work schedule and shifts, check their accrued wages and even book holidays from their phones 24/7. 

This intuitive scheduling and rostering tool will ensure you are never short-staffed again. You can quickly set up new shifts, allocate staff with the right skills for the job and see where gaps exist with the in-built traffic light alert system.

Our solutions

The solution
Time and attendance
Time sheets
Mobile app
How it helps Enable reliable time tracking and real-time visibility. Provide real-time and accurate information on clocking Manage your team from the palm of your hand, any time, anywhere.
Features include Intuitive time and attendance system. Automated time capture software. User-friendly interface, available on Android and iOS.
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The solution
Skills and training
HR & compliance
How it helps Finding the right people, with the right skills, at the right time. Match the best people to the job and develop your workforce. One-stop solution for all your employee compliance and data needs.
Features include Easy drag and drop scheduler; in-built traffic light alerts if you’re understaffed, and custom filters let you find the right person. Its in-built search allows you to find skilled people for the required job. A stringent GDPR compliant environment built on MS Azure to store employee contracts, personnel details and much more. 
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Other products


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