Leverage industry-leading solutions to meet financial goals.

Your success, as a financial planner, depends on delivering on your client’s trust by providing personalised, viable and suitable investment recommendations using state-of-the-art financial research tools.

Our Synaptic suite offers you a comprehensive set of flexible financial products with whole-market access and impartial, accurate data—saving you time, money and effort.

Within this single-platform repository, ‘best advice’ research tools integrate into your company’s workflows and provide a consistent and compliant solution to all your investment and protection advice needs.

Whether it’s the back office integrating systems, researching long-term investment strategies or comparing quotes, with Synaptic, you can innovate in support of your goals and build and protect your clients’ financial futures.

Our solutions

The solution
Synaptic Suite
Synaptic Webline
Pathways Risk Explorer
What is it End-to-end financial planning and research solution. Online quote, e-apply and compliance portal. Risk profiling and asset allocation research tool.
How it helps

Synaptic Suite provides a repeatable, consistent and compliant approach to all aspects of investment and protection advice and recommendation. You can access the broadest range of industry data, including stochastic projections from Moody’s Analytics, to get a 360° view of your clients’ portfolios. 

You can make data-driven recommendations to your client, while staying FCA compliant, quickly.

Synaptic Webline’s seamless protection comparison allows you to find the best cover for your client easily.

Our online quoting tools connect you to insurers 24/7 and enable you to access the latest quote information.

Synaptic Webline also helps you in comparing multiple insurers and shuffle between multiple benefits without having to re-enter data. So, you can provide a quick and comprehensive range of options to your clients.

With Pathways Risk Explorer you can help your clients visualise the impact of variables like inflation, costs and charges, contribution and term changes to help them make an informed decision.

Using the best-in-class risk analysis model from Moody’s Analytics, you can quickly create a risk-aligned model or a bespoke portfolio, from the full universe of OEICS, to make clear and compliant recommendations to your clients.

It also provides you with customised reports for more than 50 asset managers’ investment propositions, including multi-asset, discretionary and IDD portfolios, effortlessly.

Features include

Synaptic Suite is a comprehensive financial planning solution that offers numerous valuable features through a range of modules like:

  • Synaptic Product and Fund for whole market research and suitability reporting
  • Synaptic Modeller for client risk profiling and investment risk management.
  • Synaptic Comparator for analysing full charges at adviser, platform, product and portfolio level.
  • Synaptic Risk for client risk profiling and portfolio or fund risk ratings. 
  • Synaptic Analyser for retirement income analysis with an in-built ability to model multiple income scenarios for informed decision-making.

Synaptic Webline is a complete online protection quote and e-apply portal that offers unparalleled features like easy comparison across providers, unlimited 24/7 quotes availability, multi-benefit comparison for different types of covers and an option to design your own customised panel.

It is available as SaaS, API or customised web app for lead generation.

Pathways Risk Explorer is a risk-profiling and asset allocation research tool that includes features like an integrated Attitude to Risk (A2R) questionnaire, the ability to create a risk-aligned model or a bespoke portfolio, access to Moody’s risk-analysis model and the power to produce full research-based illustrations.

It also gives you easy access to verified and updated asset allocation data for more than 850 funds and portfolios from more than 50 discretionary fund managers.

Who’s it for Financial advisers, financial planner, paraplanner, investment and wealth managers Financial advisers, mortgage brokers, and aggregators Financial advisers, financial planner, paraplanner, investment and wealth managers
Getting started For more information about the Synaptic Suite visit www.synaptic.co.uk or call 0800 783 4477 For more information about Synaptic Webline please visit www.synaptic.co.uk or call 0800 783 4477 For more information about the Pathways Risk Explorer visit www.synaptic.co.uk or call 0800 783 4477

Key features

Some salient features of our Synaptic Solutions are:

Case study: Julian Harris Adviser Network

Julian Harris Adviser Network offers a professional and entirely independent network adviser service to its clients. It has been providing its services to IFAs and Mortgage advisers since 1992. 

The challenge

Julian Harris Adviser Network was planning to expand its business and help like-minded advisers, from sole traders to multi-adviser AR firms, to grow. To help achieve this, while staying FCA compliant, the network was looking for a comprehensive suite of software tools which they could recommend to their investment and pension advisers.

The solution

Julian Harris Adviser Network chose Synaptic Suite because it offers a large range of comprehensive modules, covering all the areas that an IFA needs when coupled with their in-house compliance services.

It enables IFAs to assess a client’s attitude to risk, survey all the options and compare all providers across the marketplace. It also provides quick and professional reports.

For suitability and optimum advice, it was important that they offer the best risk management to their clients. The A2R (Attitude to Risk) questionnaire, an integral part of the Synaptic Suite, maps the customer profile to the industry-leading Moody’s risk framework and provides the basis for consistent risk profiling of clients and investments.

The impact

Synaptic Suite is helping Julian Harris Adviser Network get future-ready by providing the following benefits:

  • It improves the compliance standard of client files. 
  • It improves efficiency and time for advisers. 
  • It assists with protecting advisers and the network from future complaints. 
  • It provides a robust and repeatable research process. 
  • It provides the technology to support independence and unbiased research.

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