The future of cyber security: no user name. No password. No typing.

The classic combination of username and password is no longer fit for purpose. Research shows that compromised credentials account for the majority (80%) of security breaches.

Passwords are easy to forget which accounts for over 30% of IT help desk calls being requests for resets. Trying to make static credentials more secure, for example, by adopting two-factor authentication (2FA) utilizing OTPs, SMS or hardware tokens, makes little difference. Even with the extra layers, organisations are still vulnerable to keylogging, phishing and other attacks.

Trusona consigns passwords where they belong - in the past - improving security and user experience by implementing passwordless authentication across both employee and customer-facing systems and applications.

A passwordless authentication approach allows your organisation’s applications and systems to verify a user’s identity without usernames, OTPs, SMS or typing of any kind. It enhances your organisation’s security by significantly reducing your overall attack surface and virtually eliminating the risk of compromised credentials. Trusona incorporates patented anti-replay technology which detects attempts to re-use credentials or session details and denies authentication.

The simple, consistent passwordless authentication experience also elimiates frustrating account lockouts and password resets.

It takes just a few minutes to get started: all the new user has to do is open the app, scan a QR code, click accept and they’re ready to go. Their Trusona credentials will allow access to all systems and applications they've given authorisation for.

For companies building remote working into their operational model, Trusona eliminates the risk involved in allowing off-site access to company systems and data.

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The solution
What is it Passwordless authentication
How it helps
  • Allows verification of a user’s identity without usernames, OTPs, SMS or typing
  • Strengthens your organisation’s security by significantly reducing your overall attack surface and virtually eliminating the risk of compromised credentials. 
  • Enhances user experience whilst protecting them, their credentials and data, from compromise and attack.
  • Reduces IT/support team’s workload by eliminating need for password resets.
Features include
  • Eliminates username, passwords and typing from the authentication process
  • Easy implementation across all employee and customer-facing systems and applications
  • Fast, simple user registration process 
  • Patented anti-replay technology 
  • Integration with Windows 10 and a wide range of third-party systems and applications.
  • Single sign-on to all Windows 10 applications across all devices.
Who's it for Any organisation that allows access to its systems and applications to employees and customers.
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