Train to fit

An alternative flexible route to securing the talent you need. Our employed resource model (ERM) allows us to work with our customers to deliver people resources who are trained and enabled to meet specific client requirements.
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Securing the most talented people on flexible terms

We can bridge the talent gap between your permanent and contingent workforce. We attract the most talented individuals in the contingent and graduate markets, selecting the most skilled in the most demanding fields, and onboard them as our staff before deploying them to you as consultants.

You gain flexible access to superior talent, with market-driven upskilling, premium benchmarked skills, and continuous support from us. Co-employment and regulatory (IR35 and Agency Workers Regulations) risks are mitigated, as is the risk of over or under-investment. Scaling up or down is easy and, regardless of when you need them, your preferred workers stay on our books.

With our Employed Resource Model giving you easy access to the contingent workforce and the Novus programme opening the door to the graduate market, you have the best of both worlds: access to permanently employed, dedicated staff, but without employing them yourself.

Both solutions enable you to ultimately reap the rewards of your investment, with the option to permanently employ the talented people you’ve worked alongside. Workforce planning has never been made simpler.

Employed Resource Model

Ranging from graduate to director-level workers, our pool of employee resources offers de-risked access to the full range of the contingent workforce. Your preferred workers remain under our permanent employ, offering you the ability to rapidly ramp up and down intake to protect you from over-investment.

  • 10-15% cost saving over industry-average daily contractor rates
  • 90% utilisation rate of ERM workers
  • Option to transition to permanent staff
  • 100+ workers currently on our deployed team

Regular performance reviews, with your input, and ongoing training and development guarantee rising standards of excellence. We upskill all consultants to meet demand, with performance related bonuses to boost motivation. With full performance analysis and reporting on demand, you can rely on excellence from every single individual.


The Novus Academy

What marks our Novus scheme as unique? The intensive ten-week training programme: the Novus Academy, delivered by Capita and specialist partners, divides training between core and specialist skills, with real-world scenarios to make the theoretical realistic. What’s more, you can select candidates directly from the Academy, and direct their training toward your requirements.

Market-benchmarked skills mean candidates are already ahead of the curve by the time they reach you, offering a rapid return on your investment. They bring competitive insights, knowledge and expertise directly into your business, ready to be shared across your staff.

We take on all overarching mentoring responsibilities, freeing your senior staff from distraction. Consultants’ continued growth is mapped by us across the following two years, aligned to your values and requirements. And if the fit isn’t right, you can immediately switch to another consultant on our bench.

Our Novus consultants are trained across project management, digital transformation, data analytics and more. Some of the work streams include:

  • Software development
  • Business analysis
  • Business change and transformation
  • Implementation
  • Strategy and architecture
  • Delivery and operations
  • Cyber resilience

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