Rethinking the fundamentals and pushing the boundaries of change

Financial institutions are facing a challenging operating environment, with pressure to deliver growth and sustainable returns in a fiercely competitive market, against mounting economic uncertainty. Institutional and private clients are becoming more demanding and have greater choice in a disrupted and ever-changing competitive landscape. Client loyalty and trust are being challenged with institutions having to rethink their approach to clients, their distribution channels, as well as the suite of products and services they provide. Alongside this, financial institutions are challenged with the need to grow assets under management, to comply with tighter regulatory compliance and to address the persistently high-cost base. These challenges, combined with the pace of technology change and innovation, are rocking the core foundations of traditional operating models and legacy platforms.

Financial institutions who will succeed today and continue to succeed tomorrow need to reimagine and rethink their business models will need to push the boundaries of change to embrace innovation and new ways of operating, and harness and capitalise on the power of digital, data and smart technology.

We help our clients understand and respond to these challenges through applied innovation and targeted outcomes-driven transformation. We make this happen by leveraging our deep sector expertise, multi-disciplinary capabilities, trusted delivery track record and leading-edge solutions.

Discover how we can help you rethink the fundamentals for today and prepare for the tomorrow.  


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Technology traps wealth managers must avoid

Digital transformation is non-negotiable if wealth managers wish to stay competitive and market-relevant. But they must pick their paths carefully.  

As this report highlights, many hidden technology traps lay in wait for wealth managers. Firms avoiding them will realise the full potential of digital technologies faster, and maximise their positive impact right across the business. Those falling prey to them may be counting the costs for years to come. Much depends on knowing where missteps commonly occur.

At Capita Consulting we work alongside an ecosystem of innovative, world-class technology partners dedicated to wealth management. Our expertise and best practices can help you deliver successful and sustainable digital technology change. Have an idea or a problem? We can help.

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Achieving agility in financial services by putting the customer first


In a rapidly changing business environment, agility is an increasingly important differentiator for any organisation.

In highly regulated sectors, such as financial services, it can be particularly challenging to achieve. The ability to respond rapidly, either to a problem or to demonstrate improvements to a service, is vital in maintaining competitive advantage – and, more importantly, in retaining the trust of your customers.

By always putting customers first, consistently reviewing the impact on their journey, rather than on your process, and seeking to effect incremental improvements, your business can achieve agility.

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Financial planning

We provide a wide range of software solutions to support the investment and protection markets, helping you to recommend, quote and transact millions of decisions that are suitable and compliant. 

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Data and analytics

Our data analytics services sort through vast amounts of information to help companies boost brand loyalty, improve organisational structures and increase sales.

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From invoice payments to process management, Capita’s software can save you time and money.

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