Data provides the foundation for delivering better customer outcomes

In life and pensions, this is helping clients prepare for the data requirements and business challenges posed by the Pensions Dashboard.  Bringing together pension and investment data and introducing the latest robo-advice tools to help customers better plan for the future.

In commercial insurance, it is more likely to be taking advantage of the plethora of increased IoT data to help clients reduce risk and minimise claims. For retail insurance, we’re using IoT to better understand driving behaviours and health data allowing our clients to develop new, more personalised, customer propositions.

Capita works with established insurance companies, helping them to improve customer journeys and deal with legacy technology and data quality issues.  We also support FinTech organisations that are looking to rapidly grow and scale their businesses.

We have worked with leading brands for well over a decade, helping them thrive in a competitive, demanding marketplace – delivering agile, efficient and cost-effective operations and helping create a truly customer-centric digital service across life, pensions and insurance markets.

Supporting the insurance industry through Covid-19

Understanding the risks of isolation

The insurance industry faces extraordinary challenges in a volatile, unpredictable operating environment. With remote working creeping into the lives of the UK’s workers for some years.

Advances in technology and security have given staff the tools and capability to work from home, whilst employee perception around work/life balance - combined with new legislation around workers' rights to flexible working, has led to increased demand.

Helping the insurance industry to press reset

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re in unprecedented times. For many insurers the pandemic is a once in a lifetime economic, political and societal event that is going to require significant readjustment.

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Wellness at work

Wellbeing is no different from any other strategy. Of course, senior leaders need to recognise the benefits it offers – but the real voice of wellbeing will come from your managers, the people who define what the strategy means to employees.

At Capita, we’re here to help you support your operations, and the wellness of your staff. Find out more about the quick wins, services and solutions we have designed to help the insurance industry respond.

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Disruption ensured

Covid-19: The Challenge for Insurance

At Capita, we’re here to help you support your operations, your people and your customers.

Find out more about the services and solutions we have designed to help the insurance industry respond.

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We helped Zurich implement the biggest pensions shake-up in a century

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Cyber security

Scaling your security for remote work during Covid-19

When huge changes to UK pension rules came into force, it was going to affect over 220,000 of Zurich's customers. The new legislation – while giving savers much more control over their pension funds – would also raise many questions and require entirely new functionality and processes in the administration and customer journey.

Being compliant was not enough, every part of the process had to be meticulously planned around the customer – and tested by real customers too.

When the new legislation came into effect, we were ready. In the run up – and the months following – we handled unprecedented levels of calls, enquiries and claims.

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